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Aftersales Advice During COVID -19

Customer Services


Q: My dealership is closing and we have customer vehicles stuck in the workshop. What can I do?

A: Please contact the Customer Service team who will try to assist. 01285 647774


Q: A customer is due to book their car in for an MSP service but they are not a Key Worker/the dealer is closed. Will they lose their service?

A: Each customer situation is unique. MSP has a two month window for claiming which is adequate in the present circumstances if a customer has made the booking in time. If dealers remain closed beyond this period then we will look to open up the window for making a claim. If possible the customer needs to evidence that they have realised their booking is due and made an attempt to notify the dealer as such. We appreciate that this won’t be possible in all cases.


Q: A customer is due to book their car in for a service but can’t now. Will they lose their warranty cover?

A: There is a one month period after a Service is due where Warranty is still maintained. If the Service cannot be taken within this time period then the mileage on the vehicle should be kept within the 1,000 mile tolerance where possible to maintain the warranty.


Clearly customers cannot have a Service during the current ‘lockdown’ period and therefore this will be taken into account. During this period, customers do not need to contact Customer Services for a warranty reinstatement as effectively the clock stops. Ie. The period of lockdown is the period of late servicing that can be accepted.


Q: Is the MAP Breakdown Assistance service operating as normal?

A: In the UK the MAP service is operating as normal but unfortunately due to the closure of a number of Mitsubishi dealerships in France, Spain, Italy and Germany a limited service is in operation and repatriation to the UK may be impossible.



Q: A customer’s vehicle warranty is near to ending and a problem they reported to the dealer has not yet been rectified. Will this still be honoured now the dealership is closed?

A: As long as the dealer has details of the defect, the matter can be dealt with once the dealer is open again even if this is outside of the warranty period


Q: The dealer is closed and the customer wants to report a warranty defect before the end of their warranty period?

A: If possible the customer should email details of the defect to the dealer. The matter can be dealt with once the dealer is open again even if this is outside of the warranty period.



Q: A customer has received a safety recall letter but the dealership is closed, what do they do?

A: The safety recall can wait until the dealer is open again but there should only be limited use of the vehicle. If the customer requests a loan vehicle please speak with Customer Services to see if this is appropriate.

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